Muntazir Ali from Buni receive Teaching Excellence Awards from Brown University

Muntazir Ali

We have been featuring the inspiration and emerging faces from Chitral on Chitral Tribune to inspire the youth and get them motivated towards different achievements.

We are going to feature Muntazir Ali from Qasumandeh Buni, who has received Teaching Excellence Awards from Brown University.

Muntazir Ali studied his early education in Pamir Public School and College Buni. He has been an extraordinary student throughout his academics. He moved to Karachi to pursue his Intermediate from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Karachi. He completed his Bachelors’s degree from Karachi University and got admission to the Institute of Ismaili Studies to study in the GPISH Program.

He also owns a Masters degree from Stanford University and currently doing PhD from the Brown University.

Here is what Brown University has stated about him.

Muntazir Ali most enjoyed teaching the course, On Human Longing: Persian and Urdu Poetry. “Combined with the enthusiasm that the students brought to the class and sections, this opportunity to develop and implement various pedagogical methods made for a learning experience whose fruits I continue to reap in my own research, and which continues to guide and enrich my teaching,” he says.

Ali studies the formations of self and space and their influence on the religious and political history of Badakhshan during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. For Ali, teaching has strengthened his drive to continue his scholarship of Islam and Muslims. Receiving the Teaching in Excellence Award, “is also a validation of the teaching philosophy that I have come to develop at Brown, a philosophy at the heart of which is care and kindness toward my students and fellow teachers,” he says. 

Students are struck by his engagement with students and the ability to create spaces for them to learn and grow. Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Nancy Khalek, says of Ali, “I have been impressed with how he makes himself available to students, establishing special office hours whenever they have a pending assignment. In short, as a graduate instructor, Muntazir is both professional and a reliable co-teacher.”

Source: Newsletter Brown University

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