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First-Ever Khowar Live Stream on Freelancing

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Freelancing is the process of earning money at your ease. It provides you to work in your schedule that suits you with no work burden and earn easy money. Everyone can do Freelancing if he has skills and expertise in something.

DgRetina in collaboration with Noshad Ali is going to arrange the First-Ever Khowar Live Stream on Facebook to acknowledge the youth of Chitral about the benefits of online Freelancing. Nasir Ali Tasir, founder of DgRetina is doing such a wonderful job with his YouTube Channel and Facebook page to spread the awareness of Freelancing among the youth of Chitral.

Nasir has collaborated with Noshad Ali, an Expert Freelancer with 4 years of experience at working in Fiverr, Upwork, and as a WordPress Expert, SEO Expert, and IT Virtual Assistant, Tariq Hassan, Cloud Accounting Specialist with over 8 years of working experience on Upwork, and Rizwan who is an IT Security Specialist.

Noshad Ali is already working for the promotion of digital skills and Freelancing in Chitral with his initiative Career Drive. The first-ever boot camp was organized in Booni, in July 2019. The 12 days boot camp was designed to make the participants familiar with some of the most common digital skills, tools, and Freelancing.

The First-Ever Khowar Live Stream will happen on May 16, 2020, at 8:30 pm. Please follow and Like the Facebook Pages for Noshad Ali, and DgRetina to get notified about the Live Stream. You will get automatic notification on your Facebook when the Live Stream starts.

You can prepare questions for the experts to get the best from them.

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