TMA Staff distributes free gloves and masks

TMA Staff distributes free gloves and masks

Ever since the outbreak of the Coronavirus has spread in the country, all of the organizations are committed to preventing it according to their capacity.  Tehsil Municipal administration officials, under the supervision of Tehsil Municipal Officer of Chitral, Misbah-ud-Din, are spraying anti germs at various public places. On the direction of TMO Misbahuddin, TMA Drosh staff went to the Lawari  Tunnel and sprayed anti germs in front of the main tunnel and distributed masks and gloves to the staff on duty. Likewise in front of the small tunnels, there were germicidal spray, as well as gloves, masks distributed free of cost among the staff and the general public.

The TMA staff also placed water tanks and soaps in front of Banks, Mosques and other public places in Drosh Bazaar for hand washing and contribute towards the prevention of COVID-19.

TMA staff distributed free masks, and gloves to the shops in Chitral and Drosh main Bazaars. The President of trade union Drosh Bazaar expressed his gratitude to all TMA staff and specially Tehsil Municipal Officer Misbah-ud-din for spraying anti germs in remote areas of Chitral, such as the Lawari Tunnel, and for arranging water tank for washing hands. TMA Staff is also working in the District Head Quarter Hospital, Chitral by spraying anti germs multiple times a day.

Municipal administration staff also sprayed anti germs at transport Ada and distributed gloves, and masks free to the public. Responding to a question, Tehsil Municipal Officer Misbah-ud-din said that we work hard with limited resources to prevent the Corona outbreak. He said that we have requested the Provincial Disaster Management Authority for more resources and machinery to fight against the Corona outbreak. The social and political circle of Chitral praised the efforts of TMA Chitral and Drosh, who are constantly distributing free gloves, masks and sanitizers to the public, as well as giving health education with continuous germicidal spray.

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