Spring Has Sprung in Chitral

Spring in Chitral

Chitral valley welcomes spring in its full bloom. As the weather becomes more pleasant, with temperatures entering the double digits, the valley embraces the new season with open arms. Spring has sprung in Chitral.

The season sees multitudes of flowers in different colors and textures swaying in the refreshing breeze as their scent wafts in the entire valley for all the inhabitants to enjoy. Spring has specially painted Chitral in colors of pink and white owing to the wonderful spring blossom as many flowering trees are in full bloom ranging from cherry, apricot, apple and peach trees amongst others.

The valley in this state is truly reminiscent of the idyllic Elysium with its babbling brooks and lush fields. Nature is in full bloom as many birds have migrated back for the season and can be spotted soaring above in the clouds, in the trees and near lakes. The pleasant weather has everyone beaming as it was much longed for during the freezing winters.

Some areas like Mastuj are also expecting a few light showers this week. The hard winters have come to an end and the ice has thawed. The flowers are blooming and the birds have started chirping. With the lockdown still in place due to the threat of COVID-19, flora and fauna are especially blooming and the valley has basked in a plethora of colors and freshness which is certainly a sight to see and an atmosphere to enjoy.

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