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Political Leadership dispraise Shahid Afridi’s activity in Chitral

Political Leadership dispraise Shahid Afridi’s activity in Chitral

Former Cricket Star Shahid Afridi is in Chitral these days to distribute relief packages among the needy during the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The distributions were held at Chitral city and Booni where a huge gathering of people was observed where half of them were the needy and the other half went to see Shahid Afridi.

Present and former political leaders of Chitral have expressed their grief on gathering a huge number of people as it could be the source of Coronavirus spread inside the district which is the only Corona Free district left in Pakistan with 0 cases. MNA Chitral Moulana Abdul Akber Chitrali has demanded the termination of Commissioner Malakand Division Riaz Khan Mehsud and Deputy Commissioner Lower Chitral Naveed Ahmed from their positions. Gathering people inside a packed area to distribute 20 kg floor packet is a very condemnable act done by the authorities; He said.

MPA minorities Wazir Zada also favored the thoughts of MNA. Distribution of relief packages in a huge social gathering is a very unprofessional incident that happened in the supervision of Commissioner Malakand Riaz Khan Mehsud, He said. Further adding to his statements he told the media that Shahid Afridi is our national hero and a highly respectable person but this is not an appropriate time to visit Chitral. Developed counties in the Europe and United States have not been able to get control over the Virus, if an incident takes place in Chitral we won’t be able to control it. He showed his gratitude to Shahid Afridi for the support but said there should have been other ways to provide the relief packages.

Former MPA Saleem Khan also came up with the same thoughts. He added to the dispraise of DC lower Chitral for going against the imposed Section-144 in the district. He told the media that rules in the district should be the same for a normal citizen to the government representatives. He added, the District Commissioner has requested to stop the movement of downstream Chitralis towards Chitral to prevent the spread of Coronavirus which has created trouble for the natives, how did Shahid Afridi come with a protocol of Commissioner and DC. He requested an investigation on this.

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