Kalash Valley grieves for their leader

Kalash Valley grieves for their leader

Kalash Valley lost its leader Ayub Kelash on Sunday, April 12, 2020, in District Headquarter Hospital, Chitral. This adds up to their sorrow that the Corona Pandemic is not going to allow them to conduct their last rituals according to their tradition, where three valleys from the Kalash (Bumburet, Rumboor, and Birir) were supposed to get together, as forbidden by the authorities.

The death rituals of Ayub Kelash were supposed to last for three days before the burial, in the presence of people from all of the three Kalash valleys. According to the sources, Ayub Kalash was 105 being the eldest in his tribe. His dead body has been taken to his native village Aneezh, where his close relatives will participate in the death rituals and play music to appreciate what he did for the community.

The very close relatives will participate in death music which is an important part of their culture and tradition. Close female family members of the deceased’s family can be identified by their bare heads. They don’t wear their traditional caps for which they are known all over the world. His family members are depressed because of the death of their beloved and not being able to conduct the rituals according to the tradition.

Kelash Community, being so responsible have asked their surroundings to avoid a large gathering because of Corona Virus. This is a great sense of responsibility to help taking safety measures against the pandemic. The burial day has been decided to be April 13, 2020, Monday. Local Support Organizations of the area have facilitated the people with soaps and water. MPA Minorities Wazir Zada has sent his condolence to the family and appreciated and requested them to practice social distancing to the maximum

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