Inspirational Story of Shah Puri – Nan Cafe
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Inspirational Story of Shah Puri – Nan Cafe

Women Empowerment has been a trending topic for the last decade over the world. A lot of NGOs and International Organizations are working in third world countries to boost this concept. Most of the people in Chitral were not aware of the phenomena a few years back which resulted in difficulties for women to express their selves.

Shah Puri, a resident of a small village from Chitral know as Ghoru lasht, Parkusap belonged to a low-income family. Due to extreme poverty, they decided to migrate to Booni (known as the Headquarter) in 1990. Booni was relatively a decent place to provide opportunities and a good lifestyle. Shah Puri migrated to Booni with her husband and 4 kids to provide them a better lifestyle.

They were settled beside a well-reputed Pamir Public School, and College, where her husband was appointed as a watchman and janitor for the school. Their children were given free education as a benefit of their employment. During this time Shah Puri made the best of this opportunity by taking the position as a cook in the cafeteria of the school. She loved her work with the students and continued it for around 15 years. She was appreciated by the students a well as the school administration and the local community.

Shah Puri realized that she had a bigger dream of starting her own business. She wanted to establish a cafe where she could provide tea, samosas, and pakoras, and provide food services to events as well. This kind of entrepreneurial spirit is found rarely in the women of Chitral. She got full encouragement and support from her husband and children. They successfully presented their business idea and inspired the donors who funded them to establish their cafe in Booni which became the first business operated by a female in the market.

The children decided to call their business “NAN CAFE” which means Mother’s Cafe. It was a tribute to the hard work she did from her children. Nan Cafe provides traditional dishes, as well as western food which is highly appreciated by the locals and the tourists.

Nan Cafe has been able to stand out as a brand in the local market of Booni, and well known in Chitral. The efforts and determination helped Shah Puri and her family to establish a well-reputed business in the local market and provided employment opportunities to the local women. Shah Puri is conscious of Quality Assurance on all of the food items and maintains the highest level of customer satisfaction.

They are planning to launch an outlet for their business in Chitral City. Shah Puri and her daughter are looking for additional help from the local women to help them with their business.

Shah Puri is extremely happy with her business. She has been able to provide quality education and clover to her children. She has a very inspirational journey from 1990 when they could hardly afford three times meal and shelter to a fully developed running business.

Her story is an inspiration for every individual. Hard work and determination always take you to a hog of heaven. So, is the story of Shah Puri.

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