Downstream travelers are Quarantined in Chitral

Quarantine Center in Chitral

People living in downstream cities are moving to their respective areas. The road access to Chitral has been blocked at many locations and vehicles cannot go out of their respective districts inside KPK, as directed by the provincial administration. However, people can travel to Chitral in their personal cars.

“Chitral has no coronavirus case yet so we have taken this decision to protect the area and its inhabitants,” Ajmal Wazir, a spokesman for the KP government

Another official further clarified, non-residents would not be allowed to enter the area but residents would be taken to Quarantines for 14 days in Chitral city before they go to their native villages.

The lock down in the country has been extended to 14 April, and it is expected to be longer than this depending on the increase in the cases of COVID-19 cases in Pakistan.

Forces imposed on the Lowari tunnel collect information of everyone who is entering Chitral and direct the travelers. They are taken to Commerce College of Chitral right after their entry in Chitral city which is nominated as a Quarantine center where they are checked up by the doctors and are being shifted to different hotels in the city which are also selected as the Quarantine centers for the travelers from downstream.

The newly arrived travelers are directed to stay in the hotels for 14 days before going to their homes to avoid any kind of undesired incident. All of these efforts are being made to keep Chitral safe from the current pandemic of COVID-19 which has killed more than 53,000 people around the world including Pakistan. More than 2000 cases of Corona Virus have been reported from different cities in Pakistan and Chitral is the only district in Pakistan with not a single case.

Moreover, travelers in hotels are given the best facilities. Separate rooms with three times food, Internet connection, and Television. Family members are given one or two rooms depending on the number of family members. All of these efforts are being made with the help of District Administration, and law enforcement authorities to keep Chitral safe from Corona Virus.

More Quarantine centers have been made at different villages which are also doing their role with the new arrivals. However, they face some issues regarding the agitation of the people and lack of facilities.

It is our ethical and moral responsibility to cooperate with the administration and play our key role in keeping our country safe from the virus.

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