Businesses help poor in Chitral during COVID 19

GP helping people in Chitral during COVID 19

Businesses in Chitral also came out to help the needy. General Petroleum distributed relief goods to the poor working in Drosh and Chitral masters.

Coronavirus has affected the worldwide and the daily wagers are affected badly due to the lockdown.,. The government has also claimed that such people should be helped, but often the right people are left and the influential people get this relief.

Some of the leading personalities and businesses have also come out to support the poor. General Petroleum (GP), a lubricant business company in the country, distributed relief goods to the needy people working in Drosh and Chitral.

General Petroleum Representative Irshad Ahmed said that mechanics have been locked up for a long time because of Lockdown, and most of them being trainees who burn their house stoves with daily wages. So keeping a view on such people, our organization has sent relief goods to over 300 households, including flour, lentils, sugar, rice, etc. He said that although this stuff is not enough, it is a start and I appeal to other businesses to come out and help those in need during this time of trouble.

A representative said: “We did a survey a week ago for this purpose and made a list of the names of those who are truly deserving so that this aid does not go into the wrong hands and those who are good at it will not get it.” Names of people who are entitled to zakat or who are unaware, their names were chosen and the goods were then delivered to them.

A poor laborer working in a factory said that we were locked up in homes because of lack of business and wages resulting in starvation. The poor masters working with the mechanics and laborers who worked on their daily wages expressed their gratitude to General Petroleum for remembering and helping them during this time of trouble.

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