Third suspects of Corona Virus tests negative

COVID-19 suspect

Third Suspect of Corona Virus MR. Hanif Ullah from Jughoor returned home after testing negative from Peshawar. Two more suspects were sent to Peshawar before who also returned with negative results.

So far Chitral has no Corona virus patients.

Since all of the educational institutions and work stations are off, a lot of people have traveled to Chitral in the past days. They are checked on their way and kept in Quarantine for 14 days. Different quarantine centers are established in different villages.

People traveling from downstream are kept in the Quarantine centers for 14 days of their arrival in Chitral.

From March 29 onwards, no suspect of the virus will be sent to Peshawar. Their samples would be sent rather for the tests.

Currently, 300 people are in quarantine centers in Upper Chitral and a protest in one center in Brep has been observed due to the lack of facilities like food and proper management. A few said some of the people are taken to quarantine after spending a few days at their homes which is useless.

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